Life can be difficult. It is even more difficult when you choose to take the road less traveled by pursuing to become a successful entrepreneur without first having the financial resources to survive the journey. The Primacy Health Group Foundation along with Primacy Health Group, LLC are not where they are today without the assistance from each of the people listed below.

Everything begins with God! I have been blessed from the start to have good overall health, a safe life, and to repeatedly be able to find the strength and the courage to fight through the most difficult and painful times. Each night before going to bed, I say thank you for my health, safety, and what I have.

Family! I was lucky to be born to my parents, Ann and Arnie Mallinger, and have two wonderful sisters, Lee and Amy. Family for me also includes the wonderful lady Yetta for who I am named after, my great grandparents, great aunts and uncles, grandparents, aunts and uncles, hundreds of cousins, Lee and Amy’s spouses Ron and Kimm, and three wonderful nieces, Kelly, Brooke, and Nikki. I have had the opportunity to know, spend time with, and create a lifetime of great memories with most everyone. Thank you all!

Through the very difficult struggles mentally and emotionally that life brought upon me, two men (Dr. Ralph Tuner and Henry van Oudheusden) continuously provided me with friendship, guidance, encouragement, and wisdom for more than thirty years that helped me be who I am and where I am today. While they are both missed every day, there will always be a special place in my heart for each. Thank you, Ralph and Henry!

Everyone should be so lucky to have a casual best friend that will always be honest, supportive, and there for you when you are in the most difficult of situations or experiencing the worst of times. A person that will understand and care when you hit rock bottom, are dealing with a broken heart, or when you simply are lost and not sure where you are going. I have been lucky to have such a casual best friend for forty years, he is Ken Mackay! Thank you, Ken!

Most individuals hope to find that one special person that becomes their partner and best friend for sharing a life of love and happiness. While I have never married, I have had the great fortune of being in a couple of very special personal relationships and experience unconditional love. Thank you for your love and support!

The Foundation began in 2010 with an initial donation from a loving couple, Jean and Angie Zuccaro. Their trust in me to work diligently to someday fulfill my business and philanthropy dreams was started with their initial donation. Their continued love, trust, and support over the years has only increased. Thank you, Jean and Angie!

The licensed 501 (c) (3) Foundation was created from professional services by the Forakis Law Firm (Christine Forakis, Daniela Melendez, Sara Vannucci, and Sean Greengard) and the CPA firm of Craig Elggren, CPA. These individuals along with their staffs professionally guided and supported me in developing and maintaining the Foundation. Thank you all!

The success of the Primacy Health Group Foundation to date (and ultimately leading to Primacy Health Group, LLC) is because of the time, effort, and support from the people listed below. While it is my intent to reach out and thank each person individually, Thank you all!

Alan Simon
Amy + Kimm Kelly
Ann McLaughlin
Ann + Arnold Mallinger
Bonnie Iverson
Bruce Potts
Craig Elggren
Christine Cracchiolo
Daron Girimonti
Dave Barry
Dave Reilly
Dianne Carpenter
Delora Behrens
Donna + Allan Harrison
Doug Mark
Dr. Burt Zwibell
Dr. Herb Kaufman
Dr. Janis DiMonaco
Dr. Murali Talluri
Dr. Ralph Turner
Dr. Terry James
Duane Scott
Ed Stasko
Greg Patterson
Henry van Oudheusden
James Nova
Jean + Angie Zuccaro

Jenny + Frank Garcia
Jimmy Monaghan
Joe DiFlumeria
John Lalli
John Rezek
Kathy Humphreys
Kathy Nash
Kenneth Mackay
Keven Decker
Kris Bloom
Laura + Emery Tyscke
Lee + Ron Campbell
Leroy Earhart
Linda Wittig
Mary Ellen Hardin
Mel Banks
Pat Manzanares
Pilar Barrera
Ralph Flores
Rita Mallinger
Rita + Larry Reilly
Roger Skinner
Sara Vannucci
Sean Greengard
Steve Stith
Terri Kohler
Todd Fritz

I have been blessed to have come in contact with so many wonderful individuals that have provided lasting experiences and a lifetime of memories, thanks to each and every one of you!

I look forward to fulfilling my business dreams and aspirations through Primacy Health Group, LLC and my personal desire to assist others through the Primacy Health Group Foundation.

Now and Always,