Primacy Health Group Foundation Overview

The Primacy Health Group Foundation is the primary philanthropic arm of the Primacy Health Group, LLC in the United States.

The Foundation has a strategic focus for supporting awareness and success. The emphasis is on maintaining healthcare awareness for a better quality of life, supporting women as catalysts for economic development and philanthropy, and educating individuals that want to become first-time entrepreneurs.

Founded as a 501(c)(3) in July 2010 as the Yale Mallinger Foundation, the name was changed to Primacy Health Group Foundation in 2016 following the creation of the Primacy Health Group, LLC to coincide.

Executive Board

yale - palm tree cover photo

Yale Mallinger
President since 2010

Principal Occupation:
Chief Executive Officer - Primacy Health Group, LLC

Prior Management Experience:
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives - Kersh Health
Director of Business Development - HMC HealthWorks
Vice President of Marketing and Strategy - MMAPS
Chief Operating Officer - Network Health Benefits

Prior Charity and Foundation Involvement:
Behavioral Health Services
Vincent House Services
Saint Vincent de Paul Society

Other Board Members:
Kenneth Mackay
Sean Greengard